90% of Thyroid Conditions Are Autoimmune


The vast majority of thyroid disease is autoimmune in origin.  What this means is that your body is creating antibodies to attack its own tissue, in this case - your thyroid gland.

In these cases, it's not the "low thyroid hormone" causing your symptoms but rather the antibodies themselves that are making you feel so weary and lethargic.


Get your thyroid antibodies tested

People with high thyroid antibodies report more symptoms than those with low antibodies even when their thyroid blood results are normal.

If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or are experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, constipation, hair loss, rough skin, or difficulty losing weight ask your family doctor (or trusted naturopath) to recommend you for a thyroid antibody blood test.


Thyroid medication is not the full solution

If you have autoimmune hypothyroidism, taking thyroid medication will not ameliorate all of your symptoms. Addressing the underlying immune imbalance is the only way to truly fix this health issue.

This is where naturopathic medicine can make a huge impact.


Thyroid immune repair strategies

The best strategies for improving thyroid autoimmunity are three-fold:
1. Eliminating gluten
2. Selenium supplementation
3. Improve your intestinal flora/bacteria

These basic strategies can reduce thyroid antibodies and help to significantly improve your thyroid health.


Take control of your thyroid health

  • If you suspect or have been previously diagnosed with a thyroid condition ask to have your antibodies checked.
  • For better immune and thyroid health - get the gluten out of your diet
  • Eat brazil nuts - a good source of dietary selenium
  • Book an appointment for a complete thyroid-health overview