custom meal plans help you save time, eat well, and feel great

Your digestive health is extremely important. If your gut is unwell it impacts every aspect of your overall health, compromising your immunity, complexion, energy, and even mental health.

The Gut Healing meal plans are meticulously crafted from Dr. Brass’s decade of experience healing people with IBS, Acid reflux, Crohn’s, Colitis, and other digestive concerns. This program removes common gut irritants like grains and legumes, reducing inflammation and digestive stress, helping to heal the intestinal terrain. It includes an abundance of gut healing, anti-inflammatory, and probiotic-rich foods to foster a healthy and balanced digestive tract and body.

The IBS Solution Meal Plan Program has been custom designed by Dr. Brass and includes:
- Weekly shopping list with items listed by store section, for easy shopping
- Weekly menu plan, including all meals and snacks
- Nutrition information
- Easy and delicious recipes with gorgeous full-color photos

Monthly subscription: $9.99/month

Annual subscription: $4.99/month. Billed annually ($59.88/year)

Monthly subscription: $9.99/month. Billed monthly