Working with me means you will understand your health for the first time in your life.



Initial Consult 

You will sit down with me and we will delve into your health problems like no one ever has.

The initial steps include looking holistically at your health with a thorough health, lifestyle, dietary and medical assessment.  You will leave your visit with a concrete plan to move forward including dietary suggestions, professional-grade nutritional or herbal supplement recommendations, and lab tests.

Follow-Up Consults

Depending on your health concern or condition I generally require three to four follow-up sessions to make a true impact on your health. 

My first follow-up is often three weeks following the initial visit to ensure we are on the right track and your health is improving.

Afterwards, appointments are generally spread out to every four to eight weeks.

What’s The Outcome?

After 3-6 months of being under my care: 

I look at specific benchmarks to your health improvement.  We re-test labs or functional tests to ensure your health is progressing in the right direction.

The goal is to see a significant improvement in your health. You will have been given the knowledge and solutions to take charge of your health and remove any obstacles to your wellness. You will be actively on the road to change.

After 12-18 months: 

You will be in a completely different place. 

You will know what you need to do to manage your health on your own and will have internalized my guidance.  We will have brought your body to a state of wellness where it has less reliance on natural supplements and herbs and can remain in balance with a lower level of health maintenance. 

Ongoing care:

Unlike your medical doctor, our annual exams focus on maximal functionality of your system, not just the absence of disease.  

My Approach Includes:

  • Attentive listening - most people have never been properly “heard” by their doctor. I actively listen and investigate to better understand your story and what is driving your health problem.
  • Connecting the dots - I bridge the gap between what has already been done medically to where you are now.
  • I think outside the box - I use critical thinking to find the best possible solutions for you.
  • Supportive care - I genuinely care about the well-being of my patients and am dedicated to improving your health.

Dr. Laura Brass is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor providing Video Consultations to patients in Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Ontario, the US and worldwide! You no longer have to live in Toronto to receive the best possible care available. Relax on your couch while Dr. Laura Brass untangles and solves your complex health concerns.

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